Welcome to CategAll site!

Have you ever wanted to find a DVD, a contact, a book or an URL and you could not find it. If you had tagged them, you could find them.

My favourite tagger application is the delicious. It was made built for URL categorization.

Another usefull stuff is the Excel's autofilter function. It has some big disadvantage. You have to be home at Excel and you could not set more tags for one line, which represented a DVD for example. But stop and let see the application details. If you need more technical details look under the hood!

If you have any question about concept do not hesitate visit the forum.

CategMovies is coming out!

It is very difficult to develop a general apps without budget. The testing expenses so high, that the release has no chance to come out... That's way CategAll has disappeared for one year. Sorry for that but I have to eat to my children :)

To be able to give some new for my customer and me too, I have decided, the CategAll apps will be parceled out and the first 'slice' is CateMovies, which concentrate for Movies.

Try it out and enjoy your movies with IMDB information

If you had made a donation for CategAll, you would be able to use the donator e-mail for all CategXXX product, and you get the full funtionality.

For product details click here

Main features:

  • Phone contact one way integration
  • Dynamic field and hierarchy management via import
  • Up to 7 keywords level
  • Multi keyword level (the limit is only the performance)
  • CSV export, import possibility
  • hierarchical, easy handling
  • hierarchical filtering
  • keyword filtering
  • URL fields - delicious links

FREE version

  • Up to 3 database
  • Up to 3 hierarchies (not endpoint level) - except build-in templates
  • Up to 100 keyword in the system exclude contacts and applications
  • Adds
    • Multiselection keys Preferences Simple keys Edit movie Show movie Show book Show URL